7 Best Grants for Nigerian Students

Empowering Education and Innovation In Nigeria, education is nothing but a preserve for the rich. This is because, over the years, quality education in Nigeria has proved no less than a mirage. 


The situation is even worse for brilliant but needy students, as they are left to either rely on parental funds, and high-interest bank loans, or drop out of school completely. 

However, this fate no longer befalls students, thanks to numerous grants and scholarships that have given students a new lease of life in their quest for knowledge by meeting the educational expenses. 

The grants not only take off the financial burden from the shoulders of the needy but also champions innovation, research, and good talents nurturing in their grantees. Herein are the seven best grants for Nigerian students that will offer you the touch of the future:


Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Scholarship Scheme 

The NNPC Scholarship Scheme is a program that is primarily sponsored by the NNPC and its partners to offer financial aid to needy students to cater for their tuition fees and educational expenses. 

It targets students in all disciplines like Engineering, Geosciences, Environmental Sciences, Computer Science, and others. In so doing, this scheme ensures that Nigeria gets the best energy stakeholders in the future by providing financial aid for their innovation. 

MTN Foundation Scholarship

MTN Foundation Scholarship is one of the most prestigious scholarships in Nigeria. Whether you are an undergraduate or a postgraduate student in any study field, the MTN Foundation has eyes for you. 

The scholarship provides the tuition fee allowance, accommodation, and books for the scholars to study with limited financial strains. In addition to that, MTN Foundation seeks to structure students’ futures by offering workshops to build your capacity and mentorship programs. 


Federal Government Scholarship Bilateral Education Agreement Awards 

This Federal Government scholarship creates scholarship opportunities for Nigerian students to study abroad in given countries of agreement under Nigeria. Some of the countries in the agreement are Russia, China, Turkey, and others. 

This award caters to the tuition fee, accommodation, and stipends. Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and doctoral students get scholarship opportunities in multiple academic fields. Apart from scholarship opportunities, BEA Awards promote academic matters between different countries.

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme

The Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme was initiated to equip Nigerian youth with the skills, training opportunities and funding required to start and maintain their business. 

Targeted entrepreneurs undertake a competitive selection process after which they receive specialized training and seed capital. 


This scholarship not only resolves the issue of unemployment but also inculcates a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in Nigerian youth thus boosting economic growth and sustainable development. 

Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme

The Shell Nigeria University Scholarship Programme is designed for bright university students with the aim of getting degrees in Engineering and related disciplines. 

The scholarship is sponsored by the Shell Petroleum Development Company and caters for the entire duration of schooling expenses of students. 

It covers tuition fees, accommodation and upkeep. Furthermore, the beneficiaries are given a chance to participate in internship programs where they benefit from hands-on experience in the oil and gas industry. This ensures that they secure employment with much ease after their stay in school.


The Google Africa Developer Scholarship

The Google Africa Developer Scholarship, delivered in collaboration with Pluralsight and Andela, enables Nigerian aspirant developers to cultivate their expertise in cutting-edge technology and software development. 

Through these online learning programs, mentorship, and career coaching, the graduates are empowered to become industry-suitable technocrats. 

Additionally, the best performers may gain access to the Google Developer Certification examination, which further boosts their professional acclaim and recognition in the international technology sector. 


Can I get a loan to study in Canada from Nigeria?

Yes, international students can apply for student loans in Canada, but their options are limited. They can get private student loans if their university has a loan program supported by a private lender.

What is the government loan for students in Nigeria?

Earlier this year, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu announced that the Nigerian government plans to start giving out student loans to Nigerians beginning in January 2024. He mentioned this at a session of the Nigerian Economic Summit in Abuja.

Which bank in Nigeria gives student loans to study abroad?

Prodigy Finance provides loans to Nigerian students who want to study abroad, without requiring a co-applicant or collateral. This helps students pursue their study abroad goals without worrying about covering expenses such as tuition, living costs, and other fees, as the loan covers all these expenses.


To sum up, the above seven programs and scholarships are important in enabling Nigerian students to pursue their schooling desires. The packages relieve the beneficiaries from the financial burden and open learning platforms, leading to academic excellence, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 


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