Top 8 Driving Jobs In Nigeria And How Much You Can Earn

The Nigerian economy continues to thrive on movement every day. Deliveries make their way through crowded streets, top businesses execute past drive-through traffic jams on the way to work, and families usually embark on a weekend journey. Does this ring any bell to your ears? If yes, then maybe we are guessing the same thing. You can secure a good driving job in Nigeria if you have a strong passion for the open road provided that you possess a valid driver’s license.


This post will expose some of the best driving jobs you can easily find in Nigeria as well as their average monthly salary. They are determined to enable you to select the right path that fuels your passion and your wallet. Now, without further ado, let us proceed.

Rail-Hailing Drivers

Average Monthly Salary: N150,000 – N300,000

Due to technological advances, several apps like Uber, Bolt, and Taxify have revolutionized the way we commute in Nigeria and other countries around the world. When you become a driver using any of these platforms, you can become the captain of your schedule. In other words, you are your boss. All you need to do is pick up passengers and drop them off at their destination, then you get paid for your exceptional services handsomely. Before venturing into rail-hailing driving jobs, you have to consider factors such as long hours, fuel costs, and competition.



Taxi Driver

Average Monthly Salary: N100,000 – N200,000

A lot of Nigerians would still opt for Taxis rather than other forms of transport. This means that the service is in high demand up till today. Once you are working for a taxi company or operating independently, you will realize that the pay is usually high. You can also navigate your routes and use your meter to calculate your fares. Go for this job if you are looking for a driving job that provides steady income and interaction with various passengers. It is also important to consider traffic congestion, unpredictable work hours, and the wear and tear on your vehicle.



Delivery Driver

Average Monthly Salary: N80,000 – N150,000

The driving job is also associated with e-commerce. As a result, there is a high demand for this lucrative role based on various delivery companies. You could do anything from restaurant meals to groceries or even furniture and other commodities. Note that the delivery option depends on the kind of company you choose. There’s more to this job because you have the opportunity to explore different parts of your city based on the line of work. In addition to being one of the best jobs that provides adventures, you must consider factors like tight delivery windows, heavy lifting, and dealing with traffic.


Truck Driver

Average Monthly Salary: N150,000 – N400,000


If you are the type that craves long hauls and open roads, then you should consider doing truck driving. The Nigerian landscape offers a good starting point because you will drive through different states of the country to deliver goods. This driving specifies that you will be using larger vehicles like a trailer truck. Not everyone can go for this job because it requires significant experience in the field, stamina for long journeys, and the ability to handle pressure. The salary of a trucker is very high because of the huge responsibility attached.


School Bus Driver

Average Monthly Salary: N80,000 – N120,000

Transporting children is a huge and sensitive responsibility for truck drivers. This is why all school bus drivers are expected to transport them safely to and from the school. To take up this driving job, you must be patient, have excellent communication skills, and genuine love for children. This salary might be lower than others mentioned above, but the contribution to the children’s well-being is very important.




What country is best for a driving job?

Some of the countries in the world where driving business thrives, and are coupled with good pay rates include Sweden, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, USA, Norway, and Belgium. They are considered the best for aspiring truck drivers.

How much are drivers paid in Nigeria?

As per Glassdoor, a driver can earn over N322,000 per month within the Lagos area. Meanwhile, the average salary ranges from N82,000 per month.

Can you work for Uber and Bolt at the same time?

Yes, you can use both apps simultaneously. This process is known as multi-apping. The essence is to use both platforms to offer or accept taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV) services. Subsequently, this increases your chances of getting a ride request.


Most of the driving jobs mentioned here are considered rewarding and even flexible. It is up to you to choose the perfect one that suits your area of work. Before doing so, kindly take note that the salaries may be based on estimations and actual salaries may differ by driving experience, company size, location and benefits offered.  


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